“Let’s come together to fill a fruitfully life for children and youth and stop addiction.”


They reside in extremely unhygienic conditions with very few or no civil amenities. There is easy availability of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs thus making negative behaviors like addictions and violence’s socially assented. Not only adults, they see their peers or older brother/sister too picking up these habits (gambling, stealing, addiction, being part of street gangs, abusing).

Educational and recreational opportunity are few positive role middles in the community are missing and emotional and social support from their neighborhood is lacking. Most of them go to nearby municipal school and attend non-format classes being run by NGOs. The non-school going children attend only informal classes with no proper adult care and support, children have very little motivation to study. Some of the especially those from the pavement, who go to school, do not have access to books, stationery, and uniforms for school.

Even in school, do not receive proper attention from teacher’s because of work related stress or sometimes due to indifferent attitude. They face a lot of discrimination from school teachers, are abused and humiliated physically and verbally Apart from the teacher’s behaviors, some of the municipal schools do not even have basic amenities like water, electricity and proper toilets. Although most children like to go to school. It does not provide a supportive environment.

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