“Let’s come together to fill a fruitfully life for children and youth and stop addiction.”

Program @ CYUF

1. Sports Session
Sports session through we can give the sports activity addict and non-addict children. We can provide the both group counseling and whom children are addict so they can analysis self stamina though by sports. And through by both are group ( Non-Addict and Addict) they can playing safely and learn to each other.

2. Group Counseling
As per our first step we are invited them in a sports activity, Then whom children are addict them provide the group counseling and as per the need we give them individual counseling also. And whom children’s are not- addict them we provide them awareness about addiction.

3. Trekking Trips
More time we are very bored because we see the daily do the same activity and we want to some different. So that time Unity Foundation is provide them a trekking trip. Trip through we can see the addict children’s stamina. And doing a comparison with non-addict children. And that day we are provide them a good environment.

4. Exposure trips
Now we want to ask you Why is important the Exposure trips in the hospitals? Exposure trips is Important part of our program. Because we are give the exposes in the hospitals. That through some patient talk with our addict youth and children and they is also give the advise them. And youth and children can also seen them.

5. Rehabilitation Center

With our some partners NGO we can send our youth and children in the rehabilitation center. And they give the treatment them if they need.

6. Vocational Training

If the youth are come into the addiction so he really want to help for some new company neither he could again go into addiction. And we think about that. Then we can providing them again through our partners NGO provide them Vocational Training that through they can learn the skills and make a self future.

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