“Let’s come together to fill a fruitfully life for children and youth and stop addiction.”

Get Involved

Even a small help can change the destinies of underprivileged children & Youth . You may support this cause in various ways like Financial help, Kind, Participation, Advocacy, Networking, & get connected etc. Children and Youth Unity Foundation has been working with the Slums community and providing Sports session counseling session, placement opporutunity etc. We have been able to carry out work thanks to the generous support of like minded people.

If you or your familiar ones interested in contributing in a field related to medical, community health care, nursing, social service & willing to joining us full time/ part time/ need based, may contact us.

While working we face many problems from various elements of systems. We need help to fight our case in legal matter, social matter, presenting our case to various govt/non govt bodies, forums, committee, and society. If you are professional from those fields or know someone from that field, we welcome you.

If you know someone who can be of help to this cause, you may help us in connecting to them.

Get Connected-
You can join our mailing group to know more about the activities of CYUF. You can Increase awareness and sensitize the public about the issues. You can write blogs and articles etc. supporting the cause.

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