“Let’s come together to fill a fruitfully life for children and youth and stop addiction.”

Children And Youth Unity Foundation was established in 2010 and registered in 2012 under the Charity Commission Act (1950). Our registration number is E-28729 (Mumbai) and Mr. Rahul B. Pol heads our trust. He is a Commerce graduate from Chetana Hazarimal College; post which he completed a basic BDM (Business Development Management) program. The roots of CYUF lie in the struggle of Mr. Rahul Pol as a former addict.

The main focus area of CYUF is children and the youth, especially those afflicted by addiction. When you walk around the streets in Mumbai, on any afternoon will find children on every field and beach playing Football, Cricket etc. With bare feet they run over the sand and through the grass dreaming of becoming the next Ronaldinho or Sachin Tendulkar. Here you will also see many of them taking drugs, this is what we want to fight against.

Most children in Mumbai Slums are victims of poverty and don’t have many opportunities to make something out of their lives. Problems faced include:
• The general standard of living is poor; a lot of children live below the poverty line.
• Addiction, infection, child abuse and alcohol abuse rates have been high amongst the youth.
• Only 65.1% of children attending Primary School are selected for Secondary School.
• Poverty eradication and unemployed policies and strategies that involve the youth have been very limited.
• Sports and recreation programs available have high charges involved.

Although Football and Cricket is very popular in Mumbai, there is a lack of trainers for those who cannot afford to pay high fees despite being talented. CYUF was formed with an aim to fill this gap and use sports as a medium for battling drug addiction. Sport is far more than a luxury or a form of entertainment. Access to and participation in sport is a human right and essential for individuals of all ages to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Sport - from play and physical activity to organized competitive sport - has an important role in all societies. Sport is critical to a child's development. It teaches core values such as co-operation and respect. It improves health and reduces the likelihood of disease. It is a significant economic force providing employment and contributing to local development. It brings individuals and communities together; bridging cultural and ethnic divides. Sports offer a cost-effective tool to meet many development and peace challenges.


Jain Kharawara, Naresh Koli, Meena Negi, Bunty, Shankar Ingale (Case story)

Our Impact

We started off with 6 young adults in Dharavi in 2010 are today working the 5 areas of Mumbai i.e. Dharavi, Kurla, Wadala, Bandra and Mahim. We work with around 750 children and youth. We have been successful in reducing drug addiction amongst them by 40% and placing 15% of them in jobs. Awareness amongst these children about drug addiction has increased by 55%.

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