“Let’s come together to fill a fruitfully life for children and youth and stop addiction.”

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Children And Youth Unity Foundation

CYUF was established in 2010 and registered in 2012 under the Charity Commission Act (1950). Our registration number is E-28729 (Mumbai) and Mr. Rahul B. Pol heads our trust. He is a Commerce graduate from Chetana Hazarimal College; post which he completed a basic BDM (Business Development Management) program. The roots of CYUF lie in the struggle of Mr. Rahul Pol as a former addict.

Our Beliefs and Aim

Unity Foundation believes in overcoming addiction with the help of Sports.
We believe in positivity, peace and life.
Addiction kills the spirit of life and one’s family values.
We wish to help in re-organizing, re-living and re-loving Life.
Addicts are not criminals to be punished. They are emotionally weak and sentimentally ill, who just need love, warmth, support and acceptance.
We help in quitting addiction by focusing on one’s passion and interest towards sports.
We do also counsel regularly to implant positivity, peace and above all instil the value of Life.
We organize creative and motivating events/activities to develop self-confidence as well as a spirit of living happily.
We do also help in positive growth by offering sound jobs and decent earnings.

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